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Management Quiz – 09 May

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This Quiz for All Competitive Exam (PGT Teacher, PGT Commerce, UGC NET/JRF, UKSSSC, PSU Accountant)

Q1. All individuals and groups participants that make purchasing decision and share common goals and risks are classified as
A. supplier center
B. buying center
C. evaluation center
D. initial awareness stage

Q2. Traditional supply situation in which focus is on competition rather than cooperation is classified as
A. customer supply
B. contract supply
C. cooperation supply
D. bare buying

Q3. Type of buyer and supplier relationship that are together in operational ways is classified as
A. operational systems
B. cooperative systems
C. structural commitment
D. structural adaptation

Q4. In business markets, demand of business goods is more volatile than demand for consumer goods, is classified as
A. fluctuating demand
B. stable demand
C. unstable demand
D. freeze demand

Q5. Establishing of dams, irrigation, sanitation systems, pipelines and utilities are examples of
A. systems contracting
B. system selling
C. systems buying
D. management supplies

Q6. Electronic markets in which prices fluctuate in every second are classified as
A. spot markets
B. exchange markets
C. vertical markets
D. both A and B

Q7. Business markets include
A. Insurance Companies
B. Public Utilities
C. Government Institutions
D. All Of The Above

Q8. Buying mode in which buyer changes product prices and requirements is classified as
A. Modified Rebuy
B. Modified Buy
C. Modified Buyers
D. Modified Task

Q9. Supplier-buyer relationships are categorized into
A. Four categories
B. Five categories
C. Seven categories
D. Eight categories

Q10. Industries such as agriculture, fisheries, construction and transportation, together up the
A. organization market
B. large markets
C. large buying
D. business market

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