You are currently viewing Fill in The Blanks Quiz (English  Grammar) – Test 3

Fill in The Blanks Quiz (English Grammar) – Test 3

Fill in The Blanks Quiz ((English Grammar) – MCQ / Quiz for All Competitive Exam (PGT Teacher, PGT Commerce, UGC NET/JRF, UKSSSC, DSSSB, CTET, PSU Accountant, IAS Exam, IBPS, SBI, PO/Clerk, LIC, State PSU, SSC, Banking, RBI Assistant, LIC Assistant, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB Exams)

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Q1. State governments have simply not given rules the necessary momentum, and the producers of plastic articles that are _____________ used just for a few minutes have shown little _____________ about their negative environmental impact.
A. regularly, assistance
B. invariably, concern
C. hardly, hope
D. habitually, support
E. rarely, makeover

Q2. All the _____________ functions including selection of bank chairpersons continue to be _____________ by the Ministry of Finance.
A. governance, controlled
B. mundane, promoted
C. exploratory, facilitated
D. good, envisioned
E. important, overlooked

Q3. Currently, the maker _____________ systems require human _____________ and are therefore prone to capture and corruption.
A. tracker, intimation
B. seeker, infusion
C. player, security
D. checker, intervention
E. marketer, guarantee

Q4. RBI lacks supervisory capacity to conduct forensic audits and this must be strengthened with _____________ as well as _____________ resources.
A. male, female
B. discreet, conspicuous
C. human, technological
D. cash, kind
E. private, public

Q5. Unlike mainstream media that falls under _____________ regulation, online platforms have scope for wrongdoing due to the lack of _____________ rules, and the ability to keep owners and editors private like in the case of fake news sites.
A. inclusive, delicate
B. certain, socialite
C. comprehensive, binding
D. extensive, defamation
E. responsible, guiding

Q6. Related frauds amount to INR 612.6 billion in the last five financial years and governance failures on account of _____________ and _____________ issues plague the banking system.
A. males, females
B. hard, fast
C. micro, soft
D. integrity, competence
E. marketing, finance

Q7. It is best to be really clear that climate change _____________ to you, that you are personally worried about it, and that you are asking your friends and family to help _____________ it because you are scared.
A. important, out
B. looks, harm
C. communicates, purge
D matters, address
E. points, clear

Q8. Social sector banks tend to man the business verticals with the brightest talent and less _____________ staff in the inspection and _____________ roles.
A. skilled, future
B. competent, supervision
C. worse, work
D. experienced, futile
E. neutral, superior

Q9. The upcoming housing units in Maharashtra will increase residential building sector floor space by approximately 100 million square metre and will generate higher carbon footprint, posing _____________ environmental impacts if not constructed _____________ and factoring occupants comfort.
A. undesirable, nicely
B. strong, timely
C. dverse, sustainably
D. quick, development
E. destructive, helpfully

Q10. SEBI believes that any move to transfer its _____________ funds to the Consolidated Fund of India would mean the fees levied by SEBI on investors and traders would become a type of additional tax, resulting in a perverse _____________ to increase the generation of such revenue for the government.
A. surplus, incentive
B. excess, acquisition
C. access, encouragement
D. regular, rush
E. surfeit, embellishment

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