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Economics Quiz – 14 May

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Quiz for All Competitive Exam (PGT Teacher, PGT Commerce, UGC NET/JRF, UKSSSC, DSSSB, CTET, PSU Accountant, IBPS, SBI, PO/Clerk, LIC, RBI Assistant, LIC Assistant, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB Exams)

Q1. Which of the following is also known as plant curves?
निम्नलिखित में से किसे (plant curves) पौधे के घटता के रूप में भी जाना जाता है?

A. Long-run average cost (LAC) curves
B. Short-run average cost (SAC) curves
C. Average variable cost (AVC) curves
D. Average total cost (ATC) curves

Q2. Other things equal, if a good has more substitutes, its price elasticity of demand is
अन्य चीजें समान हैं, यदि किसी अच्छे के पास अधिक विकल्प हैं, तो मांग की कीमत लोच है

A. Larger
B. Smaller
C. Zero
D. Unity

Q3. An economic theory is –
एक आर्थिक सिद्धांत है –

A. An axiom
B. A proposition
C. A hypothesis
D. A tested hypothesis

Q4. What is the shape of the average fixed cost (AFC) curve?
औसत निश्चित लागत (एएफसी) वक्र का आकार क्या है?

A. U-shape
B. Horizontal up to a point and then rising
C. Sloping down towards the right
D. Rectangular hyperbola

Q5. Price of a product falls by 10% and its demand rises by 30%. The Elasticity of demand is
किसी उत्पाद की कीमत में 10% की गिरावट आती है और इसकी मांग 30% बढ़ जाती है। मांग की लोच है

A. 10%
B. 3%
C. 3
D. 1

Q6. If the elasticity of demand is very low, it shows that the commodity is
यदि मांग की लोच बहुत कम है, तो यह दर्शाता है कि वस्तु है

A. A necessity
B. A luxury
C. Has little importance in total budget
D. a’ and ‘c’ above

Q7. An increase in the supply of a commodity is caused by
एक वस्तु की आपूर्ति में वृद्धि के कारण होता है

A. Improvements in technology
B. Fall in the prices of other commodities
C. Fall in the prices of factors of production
D. All of the above

Q8. Demand for a commodity refers to a
कमोडिटी की मांग एक को संदर्भित करता है

A. Desire for the commodity
B. Need for the commodity
C. Quantity demanded of that commodity
D. Quantity of the commodity demanded at a certain price during any particular period of time

Q9. When demand is perfectly inelastic, an increase in price will result in
जब मांग पूरी तरह से अकुशल है, तो मूल्य में वृद्धि का परिणाम होगा

A. A decrease in total revenue
B. An increase in total revenue
C. No change in total revenue
D. A decrease in quantity demanded

Q10. The cost on one thing in terms of the alternative given up is known as
दिए गए विकल्प के संदर्भ में एक चीज की लागत के रूप में जाना जाता है

A. Production cost
B. Physical cost
C. Real cost
D. Opportunity cost

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